Singapore Subsidiary Formation + Nominee Director

  • Ready to Start? Order Now A Subsidiary Company in Singapore is a locally incorporated limited liability company with which the majority of shares are held by the local or foreign company.

    Subsidiary Setup without Relocation to Singapore

    If you wish to set up a Subsidiary Company without relocation of management staff member to Singapore, you will need to do the following:

    • Incorporate a Subsidiary Company.
    • You must appoint a trusted contact or engage our resident nominee director service to comply with Singapore companies’ statutory requirements.

    Setup Requirements for Singapore Subsidiary

    • Minimum 1 Corporate Shareholder
    • 1 Resident Director
    • 1 Company Secretary
    • Minimum initial paid-up capital is S$1
    • A Singapore registered office address

    Ready to Start? Order Now

    Features of a Subsidiary

    • The foreign parent company may own 100% of the subsidiary.
    • A subsidiary company, with at least one individual shareholder holding with minimum of 10 percent shareholding, is entitled to local tax incentives.


    How we can help you:

    • Engage Rikvin to assist you in the registration of a Subsidiary Company as mandated by ACRA.
    • Appoint a Singapore resident director or engage Rikvin’s Nominee Director Service. A Singapore resident director is required for the incorporation of a company in Singapore. Rikvin can provide you with a Nominee Director on a long term basis or a temporary one until you find a suitable local director to represent your company. We will transfer the directorship once you have appointed a new local director.

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