Singapore Branch Office Registration Checklist

This guide enumerates the key requirements and the steps necessary to register a branch office in Singapore. Through the following checklist, we will help you understand what you need to do to set up your Singapore branch office.

Once you have decided to form a branch office in Singapore, the following details checklist will help you understand the key requirements and the overall branch office incorporation process.

Setup Requirements for Branch Office in Singapore

  • 1 Corporate Shareholder + 2 Singapore Resident Agents
  • A Registered Office Address in Singapore
Proposed Branch office Name Approval
  • The proposed name of your Singapore branch office name must be approved by the ACRA prior to registration.
  • Minimum of two local resident Agent *
  • If you are unable to satisfy the local director requirement, Rikvin offer nominee agent service.

*Can be a Singapore citizen, Singapore permanent resident or Singapore employment pass work pass, dependant pass holder

Note: A nominee agent is not required to be given or hold any shares. He is just appointed to satisfy the Singapore Companies Act requirements.

Paid-up Capital Not Required
Registered Address
  • The branch office must have a local registered address.
  • P.O Box address is not allowed.

Rikvin can provide a prestigious registered address service for Singapore companies including virtual office services and hot desk.

Appointment of Registration Agent
  • Singapore law does not allow foreigners to self-register a Branch office in Singapore.

Rikvin offers professional Branch office registration service

Documents Required for Branch office Incorporation
  • Passport copies of proposed agents with Residential address proof.

A certified copy of Certificate of Incorporation of foreign parent company.

  • A certified copy of Memorandum and Articles.
  • Information such as nationality, passport number and other personal information of agent of the branch office.
  • A memorandum executed by or on behalf of the foreign company stating the powers of the local agent, if any.
  • A memorandum of appointment or power of attorney stating the names and addresses of two or more residents in Singapore to act as authorized agents to perform services and accept any official notices served to the company. ( provided by Rikvin)
Corporate Bank Account Opening for Branch Office
  • We will assist you with opening corporate bank account opening for your Singapore Branch office after the incorporation.
Branch office GST Registration – (Good and services tax)
  • Your Singapore Branch Office may need to register for Goods and Services Tax in Singapore if your turnover is expected to be above SGD1 million per year for local supplies only.

We can assist you with GST registration and on-going GST compliance, if required.

Branch office business Licenses
  • Based on the type of business you plan to start up, Branch office may or may not need a business license or permit to operate. If you need to apply for a business license, we can advise and assist you with the application filing process. The fees will depend on the specific type of license that you require as the complexities involved vary from license to license.
On-going and Annual Compliance Requirement for Branch office
  • After the company has been incorporated, we can assist your company with on-going and annual compliance and filing requirements including accounting and corporate tax fling matters.
Options of employment pass or no relocation to Singapore No Relocation

  • You are free to register a Singapore Company and operate your Singapore branch office from overseas.

With Relocation

  • If you plan to relocate to Singapore to operate your branch office setup, you must obtain an Employment pass for your branch staff.

Taxation of Singapore Branch Office

A Singapore Branch Office is considered a non-resident company for tax purposes. Non-resident companies are not eligible for tax incentives for new start up or resident companies; and therefore most foreign companies prefer to set up a Singapore Subsidiary Company rather than a Branch Office.