Rikvin Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Earn While You Learn

    Rikvin scholarship Rikvin is happy to offer a full, non-bonded scholarship to outstanding students with exemplary academic track records.

    In this exclusive “Earn While You Learn” programme, all qualified candidates will receive full payment of their school fees, provided that they are willing to work full-time for Rikvin.

    This is a great opportunity for all Singaporeans and permanent residents, especially those dealing with financial challenges, to secure their future.

    NOTE: This scholarship is open to Singaporeans and Singapore permanent residents only.

    Work-based Training Programme

    Included in this scholarship is a free work-based training programme to equip candidates with valuable knowledge and skills outside of the classroom. Rikvin will provide a mentor for each candidate to ensure that the latter’s skills are developed to their full potential.

    To apply, please send us an email at hr@rikvin.com with the subject “Rikvin Scholarship”.

  • Veerayata’s Rudrant Center in Kutch

    Rikvin is proud to announce our full sponsorship of Veerayata’s Rudrani Center in Kutch, India. We are excited to help provide full sponsorships of school uniforms, shoes, daily hot lunches, stationery and transportation to more than 500 orphaned Kutchi children. Kutch and its surrounding areas were devastated in a 7.9 magnitude earthquake in 2001. It severely compounded the poverty situation in the city. With our sponsorship, we hope to help more children receive the proper basic education they deserve. Below is an excerpt from Veerayatan on the primary school we are sponsoring.

    Following the earthquake, many families migrated to nearby villages and rural areas in need of immediate shelter and have since chosen to settle there permanently even though these locations are devoid of proper sanitation, education and transportation systems.

    “Veerayatan’s primary school at Rudrani has been built to help the people in these areas. At present, a majority of these children are the first in their families to experience formal education. This has instilled confidence and enthusiasm in them; their parent and guardians are also happy to see their children going to school, which until a few years ago was a distant dream for them.”

    Who They Are

    Veerayatan is a non-profit, non-governmental organization working to empower people through seva (service), shiksha (education) and sadhana (inner development). It is their endeavour to create an environment where their beneficiaries, staff and volunteers feel empowered to share and to be supported.

    What They Do

    Veerayatan works for the overall development of the children. Many of these children live and study full time on Veerayatan campuses regardless of caste, creed, race or religion. Many of these children are the first in their families to experience formal education. At these schools Veerayatan also focuses on vocational skills, social skills, sports and other extra-curricular activities for the children.

    Thank you your kind support.

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank our esteemed clients for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this sponsorship program.Your support has helped us extend this program to more children in 2012 and also provide an additional bus shuttle service for the children at Veerayata’s Rudrani Center.

    How You Can Help

    Note: The Sponsor-a-child program can only be done through Veerayatan directly. Please visit www.veerayatan.org if you would like to sponsor a child. Thank you for your support.

    Your support will enable us to extend the opportunity of holistic development and education to more children. You can contribute by dedicating your time, expertise and experience or by supporting our work financially.

  • Milaap X E27 Entrepreneurship Development Fund

    We are happy to announce a new CSR endeavor for 2013, in partnership with Milaap and e27’s Entrepreneurship Development Fund (EDF).

    The EDF is a microlending platform that aims to fund entrepreneurs who though untouched by technology, are keen to improve their quality of life. Instead of handing out donations, EDF disburses the funds from contributors as loans. The loans then enable entrepreneurs to scale their business and generate employment for others too. At the end of 24 months, contributors will get a 100% of their loans or may opt to pay them forward to other entrepreneurs in need. According to Milaap CEO, Mr. Sourabh Sharma, this is the first time that such a model of capital raising – a fund by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs – is employed.

    Rikvin will be matching every dollar, up to S$50,000, that is raised by Milaap.

    Why Are We Doing This

    Commenting further on its participation, Mr. Satish Bakhda, Head of Operations at Rikvin said:

    “We are fully behind this project because firstly, it empowers and promotes self-sufficiency among people who are underprivileged but passionate to succeed in life. Secondly, in Singapore we’ve been incredibly lucky to have the infrastructure and support required to find meaningful jobs, start up businesses and pursue our own wealth. We also understand the extent of poverty that exists in India and it is only fair that we give back. We also hope that this funding will help elevate the quality of our beneficiaries’ lives and propel them to pursue bigger dreams.”

    “In Singapore we’ve been incredibly lucky to have the support required to find meaningful jobs, start up businesses and pursue our own wealth. We understand the extent of poverty that exists in India and it is only fair that we give back.”

    About Milaap

    Milaap.org has a unique model of giving loans to the poor instead of giving donations. Individuals all over the world can actually choose the people they want to fund for various things including funding working capital to help small business owners expand their businesses. Started in June 2010, Milaap.org has raised and deployed more than half a million dollars in loans with 100% on time repayments from the borrowers.

    How You Can Help

    Rikvin encourages its clients to be a part of the EDF. Every gesture and dollar counts. Even if you cannot loan any funds at this point, we would appreciate it if you spread the word and share this initiative with your loved ones.

    If you would like to do your part to contribute to the EDF, kindly visit http://milaap.org/partners/impact.

    Thank you for your kind support!