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ACRA related Search and Tools

Singapore Company Name Check

Check the availability of your preferred company name.

Singapore Standard Industrial Classification (SSIC) code search

Search for matching SSIC code that classifies your primary business activity.

Annual General Meeting Calculator

Find out when is your next AGM date and when you should lodge your Annual Return with ACRA.

Singapore Tax Calculators

Singapore Personal Income Tax Calculator

This Personal Income Tax Calculator is meant to guide and assist you to compute Singapore Income Tax liability for tax resident individuals.

Corporate Tax Calculator

Corporate Tax Calculator to calculate the effective tax rate.

Global Tax Calculator

Global Tax Calculator to compare Singapore’s the effective corporate tax rate to major countries.

Singapore Work Pass Eligibility Assessments

Self assessment tool for Personalised Employment Pass (PEP)

Use our online tool to give you an idea if you might qualify for a Personalised Employment Pass.

Self-assessment Tool for Employment Pass / S-pass

Use this tool from the Ministry of Manpower to give you an idea if the individual you are enquiring about might get an Employment or S Pass.

Quota Calculator for Work Permits and S-Passes

This tool can help you compute your eligible number of Work Permit and S pass holders, based on your declared number of locals and foreigners being employed in the company.