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How the Singapore Company Name Check Process Works

Singapore Business Name Search

Before the company name can be approved by ACRA, the name availability can be searched online and the company name is subject to the following guidelines:

  • The name cannot be identical to an existing business in Singapore.
  • The name must not infringe on any trademarks or be vulgar.

Key facts to keep in mind for the name approval process:

  • If a company name follows the guidelines, it is typically approved in a few minutes.
  • Certain business activity may be referred to another government regulatory agency for further approval if it contains certain regulated business words such as “finance”, “legal”, “law”, “broker” or “school”. This process can delay the name approval.
  • Once approved, a company name can be reserved for up to 120 days.

Importance of Choosing the Right Company Name

When you first start a new business, choosing a company name is one of the most essential steps you will take.

There is great value in choosing a ‘good’ company name for your company that is easy to remember and can relate to the type of business you do, and at the same time matches the domain name for your website. Without a good name, you will not be able to bank on the value of your company’s branding efforts and the resulting goodwill arising from years of business. 

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Next Steps

Once your available company name is approved by ACRA, congrats! You can now proceed to register a Singapore company with ease. 



  • You are required to submit your desired and available company name to ACRA to seek approval.
  • The company name application process only takes an hour and your approved company name can be reserved for 120 days thereafter.
  • You can use our name checker tool above to first check if your preferred Singapore company name is available before applying to ACRA.
  • For the application process to be seamless with ACRA, you should ensure that your chosen Singapore company name:
    • Does not infringe any trademark rights
    • Is not obscene or vulgar
    • Is not similar or identical to existing companies
    • Is not reserved
  • A company can register identical names after specific waiting periods based on the type of entity:
    • For dissolved companies: 2 years after winding up or 6 years after name removal from the register.
    • For cancelled Business Name Registration Singapore: 1 year after cancellation.
    • For foreign companies: 2 years after dissolution.
    • For dissolved limited liability partnerships: 2 years after winding up or 6 years after name removal.
    • For dissolved or cancelled limited partnerships: 1 year after dissolution or cancellation.



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