SSIC Codes

SSIC is an abbreviation for the Singapore Standard Industrial Classification. The SSIC code is a national standard for categorising economic activities carried out by economic units. It is used in population censuses, household and establishment surveys, and administrative databases.

The SSIC code Singapore is evaluated and modified on a regular basis to reflect important changes in the Singapore economy and the formation of new activities, and to keep up with changes in international standards.

SSIC Code Search Tool

Rikvin’s free online SSIC code search tool enables you to determine the SSIC code that best corresponds with your business activity.

This free online SSIC code search tool, you can confidently determine the SSIC code that precisely matches your business activity, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and simplifying your administrative tasks.


When choosing an SSIC code, keep these things in mind:

  • Business owners would need to decide on your SSIC code before you register your business name. One easy way to determine the likely SSIC code for your company would be to check the SSIC code of your competitors.
  • Some SSIC codes will require specific licensing/permits.
  • Some SSIC codes may delay your incorporation process.

More information about SSIC Codes: Singapore Standard Industrial Classification (SSIC) Codes » 



  • A full list of business activity on SSIC codes can be found here.

  • A company’s SSIC code can be found by simply conducting an entity search on BizFile+.

    The SSIC Code will be described under the company’s “Industry” section.

  • ACRA only allows a maximum of two SSIC codes.

    Typically companies have one SSIC code that represents their primary business activity.

    However, if a company has more than one business vertical, it is common practice to have a second SSIC code to indicate the secondary business activity.

  • Yes, you can change your SSIC code at any point after incorporating your company by changing your business activity.

  • To change your SSIC code, you simply have to head to BizFile+ and select “Change in Company Information”.

    You can opt to change either your primary activity, or secondary activity or both.

    Changing your business activity does not require a fee payment.

  • Yes, some SSIC codes might delay your incorporation process.

    For example, choosing SSIC Code 64202: Other holding companies might lengthen the time it takes to approve your incorporation, and holding companies are subject to heavier taxes.

    Other SSIC codes such as financial and insurance activities might also delay your incorporation process.

  • Some examples of SSIC code which require specific licensing and/or permits are:

    • 46592 Wholesale Of Medical, Professional, Scientific And Precision Equipment
    • 46309 Wholesale Of Food, Beverages, And Tobacco N.E.C.
    • 78104 Employment Agencies (Excluding Maid Agencies)
    • 79102 Travel Agencies And Tour Operators (Mainly Outbound)
    • 93203 Cabarets, Nightclubs, Discotheques, Dance Clubs, And Karaoke Lounges
    • 86201 Clinics And Other General Medical Services (Western)
    • 86203 Specialised Medical Services (Including Day Surgical Centres)
    • 86204 Dental Services
    • 56122 Food Courts, Coffee Shops, And Eating Houses (With Mainly Food And Beverage Income)
    • 56140 Stalls Selling Cooked Food And Prepared Drinks (Including Stalls At Food Courts And Mobile Food Hawkers)
    • 68104 Letting And Operating Of Food Courts, Coffee Shops And Eating Houses (With Mainly Rental Income)
    • 68101 Real Estate Developers
    • 68201 Real Estate Agencies And Valuation Services
  • SSIC codes are important for various administrative and statistical purposes in Singapore. They help government agencies, businesses, and researchers to analyse economic data, track industry trends, and make informed decisions.


Need help?

If you’re having any trouble choosing a SSIC code that is most appropriate for your company, contact any one of our consultants today!

As part of the incorporation process, our consultants would be able to advise you on finding a unique name, the appropriate SSIC code Singapore for your company and incorporate the company on your behalf. All you have to do is leave the onerous tasks to us so that you can focus on starting your business.


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