Singapore Industry Guides

This section showcases guides on various industries in Singapore, aiming to help entrepreneurs learn more about their industry or intended venture

The Singapore Accounting Industry


Singapore’s accounting industry has been integral to the country’s overall economic growth and development, says Singapore taxation specialist Rikvin.

Registration and Conduct of Business for Fund Management Companies


Singapore is well-positioned to capitalize on the enormous potential this industry offers. Singapore’s pro-business regulations, mature infrastructure and government support for the wealth management sector continue to be attractive to fund managers who have or aim to opt for Singapore company registration. More importantly, the attractive tax environment has reinforced Singapore’s strong foothold in the region.

Setting up a Qualifying Foreign Law Practice in Singapore


Singapore has always been well-regarded for having an impressive legal system and in the world of legal academia. As a Commonwealth country and former British colony, it shares many similarities with several common-law legal systems of the world.

Set Up Arts or Music Business


In Singapore, the arts and music business, though recreational by nature, is classified separately from the entertainment business. Some examples of arts and music business activities are operas, orchestra concerts, art exhibitions and performance dance. If you plan to start a business in the arts and music industry, you will first have to: Register your […]