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Singapore’s Economic Success – A Model to Emulate

singapore central business district skyline

As a country with few natural resources, Singapore’s development into a buzzing financial hub is a model of success that other small island-states such as Puerto Rico are trying to emulate. But can Singapore’s strategy be replicated around the world?  As Singapore celebrates its 50th year of independence, we are reminded once more of how […]

Effective Tax Planning for Singapore Companies

effective tax planning

In today’s volatile economy, businesses need to plan their taxes effectively to remain competitive in the global market. As advances in technology diminish physical constraints on a company’s business, multi-national corporations (“MNCs”) have found that they can greatly benefit from re-structuring their businesses to leverage on the strengths and resources of various countries. Nike is […]

Tips and Tricks to Secure an Employment Pass in Singapore

singapore employment pass

With a stricter foreign labour policy, companies may find it more problematic when it comes to hiring foreign talent. Leading employment agency and corporate services specialist Rikvin shares some tips and tricks. With its first world facilities and infrastructure, high levels of safety, pro-business policies and general respect for the rule of law, Singapore has […]

Nowhere to Hide: Enhanced Regulatory Framework for Corporate Service Providers

Enhanced Regulatory Framework for Corporate Service Providers

In Singapore’s bid to further boost the island nation’s reputation as a trusted international financial and business centre, the enhanced regulatory framework for corporate service providers (“CSPs”) will take effect from 15 May 2015. This is part of a larger, global initiative for regulators and governments to crack down on the use of CSPs for […]

Rikvin COO Mr. Satish Bakhda speaks at Tech in Asia Singapore 2015 conference


Singapore, 6 May 2015 – Recognised as one of the market leaders at the forefront of the corporate services industry, Mr. Satish Bakhda served as a guest speaker at the Tech in Asia Singapore 2015 conference to discuss the essential role that professional services firms can have in facilitating the continued growth and development of […]

Changes to the Companies Act – What Do I Need to Know?

Companies Act

New changes will have implications on audit, reporting and striking off measures for Singapore-incorporate companies. Is your company ready? As announced on 15 April 2015, the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (“ACRA”) will begin implementing the legislative amendments to the Companies Act, with 40% of the new changes to take effect from 1 July 2015. […]