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Recent Legislative Changes to the Companies Act

Companies Act

The recent legislative changes to the Companies Act are the largest number of changes since its enactment in 1967. We highlight some of the key changes made and discuss their impact on companies in Singapore. New “Small Company” Concept for Audit Exemption Currently, only companies that have annual revenue of S$5 million or less, with no corporate shareholders, can be considered as exempt private…Read More

Five Essential Tips for the Savvy Entrepreneur


Listen, Adopt and Apply In its bid to drive and encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship, the Singapore government has created several programmes for small and medium enterprises (“SMEs”) to leverage off on, such as the Business Advisors Programme (“BAP”) led by SPRING, which matches experienced business advisors to SMEs to provide guidance and an established network in the relevant industry. In addition, various private…Read More

Singapore SMEs in the Cloud: Adoption Rates, Trends and Tools

cloud computing solutions singapore

Much like many other countries around the globe, Singapore is seeing a mass adoption of cloud computing solutions in different industries and organizations of all sizes. The great migration could be said to have begun back in 2011, when SMEs started recognizing the potential of remote storage and web-based systems that deliver powerful computing resources at low prices. This cost efficiency is probably the…Read More

Singapore’s Economic Success – A Model to Emulate

Map of the Carribean

As a country with few natural resources, Singapore’s development into a buzzing financial hub is a model of success that other small island-states such as Puerto Rico are trying to emulate. But can Singapore’s strategy be replicated around the world? As Singapore celebrates its 50th year of independence, we are reminded once more of how far this country has transformed, from a fractured developing…Read More

Effective Tax Planning for Singapore Companies

effective tax planning

In today’s volatile economy, businesses need to plan their taxes effectively to remain competitive in the global market. As advances in technology diminish physical constraints on a company’s business, multi-national corporations (“MNCs”) have found that they can greatly benefit from re-structuring their businesses to leverage on the strengths and resources of various countries. Nike is one such example, with operations in 120 countries and…Read More

Tips and Tricks to Secure an Employment Pass in Singapore

singapore employment pass

With a stricter foreign labour policy, companies may find it more problematic when it comes to hiring foreign talent. Leading employment agency and corporate services specialist Rikvin shares some tips and tricks. With its first world facilities and infrastructure, high levels of safety, pro-business policies and general respect for the rule of law, Singapore has always been one of the top destinations of choice…Read More